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Cannabis or Bust?

 “Get on the “bus”…Said… “Get on the “bis”

I don’t think it’s any secret that the Cannabis Industry is growing like a 
“weed” and despite the Political Interruption presented by Trump and Sessions; this industry is just beginning a growth trajectory that our national community has not witnessed since Tech infiltrated our economic Landscape some 30 plus years ago.

I remain somewhat baffled in the reluctance at the national level to embrace what appears to be an extremely prolific raw material that has dramatic implications to revolutionize significant industries in our current economic infrastructure. The amount of capital in the underground cannabis economy is staggering and the tax implications for our communities must be considered. read more

Due Diligence 2017

Updated on March 31, 2017 by Annette Cooper

Danger & Opportunity

The Chinese have two brush strokes that combine to form the word “Crisis”. One stands for danger and one stands for opportunity.
I like this term because it illustrates the nature of some outstanding opportunities in this economic climate to purchase real estate; and those who can should take advantage of this “buying window”.
There has never been a better time for an occupant to take advantage of the 90% leverage SBA loans and a great time for astute investors willing to take a prudent risk. read more