Cannabis or Bust?

 “Get on the “bus”…Said… “Get on the “bis”

I don’t think it’s any secret that the Cannabis Industry is growing like a 
“weed” and despite the Political Interruption presented by Trump and Sessions; this industry is just beginning a growth trajectory that our national community has not witnessed since Tech infiltrated our economic Landscape some 30 plus years ago.

I remain somewhat baffled in the reluctance at the national level to embrace what appears to be an extremely prolific raw material that has dramatic implications to revolutionize significant industries in our current economic infrastructure. The amount of capital in the underground cannabis economy is staggering and the tax implications for our communities must be considered.

The Facts

To what am I referring, you may query? Just the facts, Ma’am. Just the facts:

•    Hemp and Hemp oil has an ingredient for both Food Supplements and for Cosmetic and Skin Care Products.

•    Hemp as a raw material for paper and clothing. Strong fibers suggest the long term expectation to last and to stand the test of time.

•    The Medicinal Properties that are “begging” for an accepted national economic platform with which to begin a matrix of distribution to drug companies and edibles/ bakery products around the country. Legitimate connoisseurs to come out of the shadows.

A Prolific Plant

The Hemp Plant is incredibly prolific and grows like a “weed “; with a 12 week growth cycle; thus giving us a raw material that can enjoy 4 crops annually.

As Cities, Counties, and the local municipalities figure out the logistics of integrating reasonable ordinances to apply to the cannabis Industry; it may be much like the revelation at the conclusion of the Wizard of Oz; a lot of bluster with little to fear.
In fact; we may witness an added benefit of taking a large “punch” out of the smuggling industry and the incarceration business. The law enforcement costs are enormous and the expense to warehouse humans for breaking laws that contain no victims may free up tax dollar resources for more important programs.

Demand for Warehouses

You can expect to see a big demand for both warehouses and retail distribution over the next few years as the culture shift into the mainstream economies continue.

“There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”

©Annette Cooper 2107

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